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I provide evidence based, trauma-informed, and client centered care for all birthers.  I meet my clients where they are. This includes holding space for all the fears and joys of the perinatal year, filling in any educational gaps about their birth options and rights, and helping my clients prepare emotionally, spiritually, and physically for labor and postpartum.  

I have a deep trust in the wisdom stored in the body of the birther, only intervening when necessary, with a flexible support style that waxes and wanes to fit what is needed in the moment. I always bring humor and non-judgement into my work and support birthers in making informed decisions that suit their individual needs. My goal is for my clients to feel confident and courageous as they submit to the power of this miraculous process!

I work in all birth settings (hospital, home, and birth center). I am comfortable working with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, time parents, rainbow babies, high-risk pregnancies, medicated and unmedicated birth, cesarean (belly) birth, and water birth. 

I understand the challenges, discrimination, and dire outcomes that many marginalized folks face in birth settings here in the United States- this is an overlooked emergency happening right now in our communities.  All birth workers and care providers should commit to decolonizing birth and improving birther and fetal outcomes for Black, Indigenous, POC, fat, disabled, and queer pregnant people. I am always happy to work with anyone who is interested in the care I provide (note that I am a white, cis, able bodied woman) and will always help Black, Indigenous, and POC folks connect to a doula that has a similar life experience free of charge. 


​I am committed to ensuring that my clients and their families feel supported, informed, and confident throughout the birth and postpartum experience.  This includes advocating for you in your birth setting if needed to ensure that you feel safe and respected throughout your birth experience.  I am looking forward to learning how I can support you through this transformational time.


I grew up in Palo Alto, California. After moving to Portland, OR for my undergraduate degree, I made Portland my home for 10 years. I found doula work in 2017 and have never looked back. After many wonderful years in the Pacific Northwest, I have returned back to my own birth place to serve families in Palo Alto, the peninsula, and the larger Bay Area. 


  • Body Ready Method for Birth Professionals - In Progress

  • Autonomy Mommy Doula Training - In Progress

  • Interprofessional Collaboration for Birth Doulas by Legacy Doula Program - 2022

  • Cultural Competency and Humility For Birth Doulas by Legacy Perinatal Conference - 2021 

  • Surprise Home Birth with Holly Scholles by Birth First Doulas - 2021

  • Perinatal Herbs by Coyote Midwifery - 2021

  • Basic Life Support (CPR & AED) Certification by American Heart Association - 2021 

  • Fetal Positioning: A conversation between the gestational carrier and the baby by Cornerstone Doula Trainings 2021

  • The Pelvic Floor: A Workshop for Doulas by Sonia Reiter- 2021

  • Portland Doula Association March Meeting - Kimberly Porter from Black Parent Initiative - 2019

  • Spinning Babies taught by Gail Tully - 2019

  • Trauma Informed Care for Doulas by Brooke Noli - 2019

  • Birthingway College: Advanced Hands On Labor Support Skills - 2019 

  • Birthingway College: Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy & Postpartum - 2019

  • Labor Support Tips Puddletown Lactation: Basic Breastfeeding Support Skills for Doulas & Birth Professionals - 2019

  • Puddletown Lactation: Advanced Breastfeeding Support Skills for Doulas & Birth Professionals - 2019 

  • Big Belly Services: Rebozo Uses for Pregnancy & Labor - 2018 

  • Oregon School of Massage, Massage Basics - 2018

  • Birthingway College: Business Skills for Birth Workers - 2018

  • Birthingway College: Beneficial Herbs for Pregnancy & Postpartum - 2018

  • Birthingway College: Essential Oils in Pregnancy, Labor, & Postpartum – 2018

  • Birthingway College: The Pelvic Floor & Birth - 2018

  • Birthingway Labor Doula Certification - 2018

  • Lewis & Clark College - 2012

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