As a certified birth doula, I provide trauma-informed, biodynamic, and evidence-based care. I have experience working with 1st time moms, families of color, high-risk pregnancies, epidurals, long labors, cesarean (belly) birth, unmedicated vaginal birth, large families, and young moms. I am trained in labor-specific comfort measures, postpartum support techniques, and rebozo use. I always bring humor and non-judgement into my work and support moms in making informed decisions that suit their individual needs. 


My goal is for my clients to feel confident and courageous as they submit to the power of this miraculous process!

I am committed to ensuring that my clients and their families feel supported, informed, and confident throughout the birth and postpartum experience.  I am looking forward to learning how I can support you through this amazing time.

I graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a degree in Psychology.  I played basketball during my time at L&C and since graduating I have stayed on as a volunteer assistant coach. I think my love for supporting women, discovering their physical, emotional, and mental strengths in labor was born from my basketball roots. Pun intended! I currently live in Portland with my partner and Olive the cat.